It is simple and easy!

You can open your account in 3 simple steps;

  1. Email verification

➛ Go to and choose "sign up" on the top right corner

➛ Enter your email,

➛ Create your password,

➛ Check CAPTCHA and Terms & Conditions,

➛ Click “Register”

➛ Check your inbox for the verification email, and click the "activate" button in that email to complete your account activation.

The activation email link will be active for 1 hour. If the link is expired you may trigger a new link by choosing “request new activation email” in the expired link.

2. 2FA (Google) Authenticator setup

➛ For more information, read How to activate Two-factor authentication (2FA)?

3. Personal Information & Verification

➛ Attempt to create a purchase order to initiate the verification process.

➛ Read & follow the guidance on the screen

➛ Fill the form completely and correctly,

➛ Upload documents requested for verification.

➛ For more information, read What type of documents are requested?


You have completed all the steps with success.

Now you can start purchasing safely!


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