You will be requested to submit a proof of identity, a selfie holding up your ID, and a proof of address for verification on the system.

➛ The photo is in color.

➛ All photos & documents must be clear and legible.

➛ The uploaded file is an original photo (static image) or scan (not a screenshot or a photo uploaded from social networks).

➛ Acceptable file formats are PDF, JPG, JPEG, or PNG.

➛ The size of each uploaded file is no less than 100 KB or 300 DPI, and shall not exceed 5MB.

➛ The information in the document is readable.

➛ All the corners of the document are visible and no foreign objects or graphic elements are present.

➛ The document is valid.

➛ The uploaded photo has not been edited with any graphics software or converted to PDF.

➛ All the documents must belong to the same person.

Below, you may find further guidance on verification documents;

  • Identity documents

➛ Submitting a universal ID issued by an official authority will be downloaded for your verification process, i.e. International Passport, National ID, or Driver’s license.

➛ If the document has two sides, photos of both sides are uploaded.

➛ The document is valid for at least one month from the upload date.

➛ The document isn’t scratched, stained, or torn.

➛ The document must contain;

🗸 Your Photo;

🗸 Your Full Name;

🗸 Date of Birth;

🗸 Issue & Expiry Date,

🗸 MRZ & Document Number

  • Liveness Check

Your face will be captured by the camera during the liveness step. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The system is capturing a colored & clear image of you, but you will see it on the screen like a picture drawn with a pencil drawing. No worries!

  • Proof of Address

➛ Submitting a valid address document as requested may ease your verification process, i.e. Utility Bill, Bank Statement, or Electricity Bill.

➛ The document must contain your full name, detailed address information, and document date.

➛ The document must be issued within the past three months, with the issue date visible.

➛ The document isn’t scratched, stained, or torn.

➛ The document is issued by an official authority.

The following list provides solutions for the most common document denials:




Make sure you aren't using any third-party camera apps that leave a watermark on the photos.


Place your document on a flat surface and hold your mobile phone in parallel with the surface when photographing the document. If you're using a laptop or a desktop webcam, make sure that your elbow is in firm contact with the table while holding your document in hand. Don't position your camera too close to the ID document. To ensure that your camera is in focus, try tapping the screen of your mobile phone to force-focus on a specific object.


Avoid photographing your ID document under direct light, especially if your ID document has a light-reflecting surface.

Missing info

Photograph your document on a flat surface making sure the serial number, hologram, photo, MRZ, etc. are clearly visible (this may require slightly tilting your ID).

Foreign objects/persons

Make sure that no one else is visible or partly visible in the photo and that you are not covering any of the data with your fingers.

Graphics software signs

Do not edit the photos.

Poor quality

Use a high-resolution camera and don’t resize the file before uploading it.

Please do your best to follow the guidelines and tips you see on the screen. If you failed verification, don’t get upset. Read the rejection message you get carefully and try again. We are doing our best to provide clear instructions on taking and uploading photos. However, these rules may vary depending on the policies of the verifying service.

You can always contact [email protected] directly for further guidance.


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