• Instant Purchase with a card

Instead of a complex and time-consuming bank transfer process, we give you the opportunity to pay with either your credit or debit card, instantly.

  • Lower processing fees

With our infrastructure and business model, we are able to keep most of the costs at a minimum and this is reflected in our customers' purchases with very competitive fees and great prices.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are volatile to price disruptions and the price changes differ within those platforms. Koinal holds its price for 60 seconds once it has started to be executed by the user.

  • Instant & fast delivery

Our whole purchasing process takes just a few minutes. This is one major component of our fast transaction.

  • Partner Exchanges to use Koinal checkout

We are providing the checkout service of Koinal to more than 52+ partner exchanges such as Huobi, Stormgain, Okex... all around the world. Our partners offer their users a fast, simple, and secure way of cryptocurrency purchase via the Koinal payment method.


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