When signing up to Koinal, you are asked first to verify your email address and then to enable 2FA verification to increase your account security. You won't be able to log in to your account bypassing these two hierarchical security steps.

If you did not set up 2FA immediately while signing up, you will be directed to the 2FA setup process whenever you want to log in.

Please initiate the login process by inputting your password.

Then you will be notified about the 2FA setting requirement on the screen, and by email.

  1. Use the "Google Authenticator" mobile app for 2FA Verification. You may download the application from App Store/Google Play on your mobile phone or you may install it on your desktop. Once you install it on your mobile or on your desktop, it will guide you on what to do next.

2./3. In order to associate the 2FA setting with the Koinal platform, you will either have

to read the QR code from the Koinal 2FA verification screen to the Google

Authenticator screen or enter the code given to you from Google Authenticator to

the Koinal 2FA verification screen.

When the given code expires, the color of the code changes in the authentication

program. By the way, the validity period of the Koinal screen is 5 minutes to enter

the valid code on the screen and then submit. You will be notified on the screen

when the Koinal screen availability is expired. If you get a notification about the

expiry on the screen, you can restart the login process from scratch.


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