You can deposit to your FIAT balance of Koinal account in the following simple steps;

1. After you log in to your account, please choose the "deposit" section from the top menu.

Currently, you can only send EURO to your Euro balance. Other FIAT currencies are not available yet. Please choose EUR from the drop-down menu.

2. Read the critical information about the process and click the “deposit” icon accordingly.

3. On this page, you can find the relevant information for the bank transfer:

➠ The bank account information of Koinal for the currency you picked.

➠ Your unique customer reference number for the description field when making a wire transfer.

4. Make your bank transfer from your own bank account.

➠ Please do not forget to enter your unique reference ID in the description field of your bank transfer order. This unique reference ID will match the amount you sent with your Koinal user account.

You may copy them easily to your bank transfer system.

➠ Transfers from other bank accounts are not accepted. They may be refunded to the same bank account based on your explanations.

Please consider that Koinal has no "fast transfer" system. The transfer may take up to 7 business days based on the corresponding banks. This period is up to 3 business days within the SEPA region.

Koinal does not apply any fees or commissions for deposits. The total amount received will be reflected in your balance. However, your bank & corresponding bank(s) may apply charges & fees before the transfer is received.

5. You will be notified by email, once we receive the amount.

6. We will top up your balance immediately after proving that it is compliant.

➠ Please be noted that we require your official & new bank statement to prove the ownership of the account in the first transfer.

➠ In some cases​​​​, we may request a Source of Fund Declaration that is required from the financial authorities.

You will be informed about the details of this process by e-mail during the process.


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