There are 2 payment options available:

1. You may make your coin purchases with your credit or debit card.

VISA, Mastercard, Pay Union personal, and corporate cards are processed in the Koinal system.

There are no restrictions for prepaid cards in the system. On the other hand, some banks may not accept prepaid cards so that your payment may be failed due to errors. Therefore prefer please using a credit and/or debit card for your orders on the Koinal payment system.

Please kindly note that you can use cards without a name on them, only if the card belongs to you and you enter your name exactly as it is in the database of your bank. Otherwise please use a card that has your name on it.

2. You have bank transfer as an alternative payment method.

You may make your deposit in EUR. Then you may make your coin purchases. Koinal system will complete the exchange to USD during this purchase.


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