We follow some additional financial verification procedures and therefore if you have been notified of a declaration of card statement regarding your transaction with the card, it means that we are required to complete a mandatory financial verification in order to ensure safe and secure payments. Please note that you will not be able to make transactions until this verification is complete, so we recommend you reply at your earliest convenience.

Please provide the following documents/details:

1. A recent card statement, showing the following details:

  • Masked cardnumber and name and logo of the bank

  • Your full names as the card holder

  • Full transaction history from the past 3 months, including your deposit to Koinal

  • The full statement should be in one document, if possible, and in PDF format.

2. A screenshot of the blockchain search of your wallet address

We also have a security-related guidance & query;

The wallet address is the most important factor of safety regarding cryptocurrency transactions. If you don't have full control over your wallet address, there is a high risk of losing all your funds. Currently, Koinal is not providing any type of wallet services. This means that when you purchase crypto assets, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid wallet address to send them to.

Further to this, you must only transfer crypto assets to your own wallet addresses that you know and have control over (e.g. you have the private keys). If you don’t know the wallet address that you are transferring crypto assets to and it was provided by a third party, it could easily be a scam.

Once you send crypto assets to a specific wallet address the transaction becomes irreversible. Only the person who has the password (known as the private key) for the wallet address can access and dispose of the crypto assets. If you send crypto assets to someone else’s wallet address, you will not be able to get them back as there is no such mechanism.

Therefore, before dealing with crypto assets please make sure that you understand the basics by answering the below:

  • Please confirm you understand the nature of wallet addresses and blockchain transactions.

  • Please confirm you understand your responsibility regarding your wallet address and cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Please confirm if you are the only person who has access to the crypto wallet you use.

  • Have you been advised on this or any other investment recently?

  • Please confirm you have access to your wallet address and you are able to sell your coins, if someone else advised & consulted you to purchase them.

  • Please provide a screenshot of the wallet address you plan to use for your transactions via Koinal. The screenshot must contain the address & QR code of your wallet. If your email address or personal details are visible too, please ensure they are also included in the screenshot.

Please reach us within the next 5 days to ensure a timely resolution. As soon as we receive the requested documents, we will review them accordingly within the next business day and send you an email once the verification is complete and you can proceed with your transfer(s).

Note that the Koinal customer support team is available 24/7 via email or live chat in case you need assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation and for choosing Koinal!


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