If you are not a Koinal user registered on www.koinal.io, you still have the chance to use your credit or debit card for coin shopping with the Koinal payment method on the Exchange Server you have been using for a long time.

Please note that by choosing the Koinal payment method on your Exchange Server, you keep your transaction linked to your own wallet address on your Exchange Server. In other words, we do not provide you with another wallet address. Koinal acts only as an intermediary method that charges your card and sends the coins to the wallet address you gave us with the purchase order on your Exchange Server.

  • Please start a purchase as always and select Koinal as the payment method when purchasing coins on your Exchange Server.

  • Due to the nature of any cryptocurrency transaction, a user must have a wallet address for the type of coin to be sent. Since Koinal does not provide a Wallet Address, you must enter your previously created wallet address.

  • On your first attempt, you must verify yourself by fulfilling the information form and uploading the KYC documents as prompted on the screen.

  • After the transaction is successful, your coins will be instantly sent to the wallet address you entered in the relevant cryptocurrency.

You can continue with your next purchases without needing to be verified again.

Please note that this process is only valid if your exchange server is partnered with the Koinal Checkout method. If you can not see the Koinal Payment Method by starting a purchase order on your Exchange Server, you have an alternative. Likewise, you can buy coins from the Koinal Instant page without being a member of www.koinal.io.


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