Please upload your documents for your existing order by following the steps below:

  1. Land the Koinal instant page once again

  2. Create a new order from the same device, and with the same browser that was used in the incomplete order

  3. Input the same Wallet Address as in the previous incomplete order

  4. By fulfilling the form, you will be notified on the screen - by a red notification box - that you have a waiting order, and you will be asked whether you wish to continue with the existing order or, to dismiss it.

  5. Please choose to continue with the existing order to reach your existing order screen.

  6. There you may continue with the KYC verification process, and upload your documents!

If you have not been notified on the screen about your previous pending order, please check & confirm that you are connected from the same device, and via the same browser as before & you've chosen the same Wallet Address as before.

If you won't upload any documents within 5 hours or ID verification fails, please kindly be informed that your order will expire and the charged amount will be refunded with the expiry. Please check your order status before taking any action because any order inactive for 5 hours will automatically be expired. This status is not reversible then.

Reach out to customer support via [email protected] if you took all the actions above and still don't see any notification!


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