About the Company

About the Company

SG Veteris Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in England (company number: 10539075) with its registered headquarters office at The Tower at the Bower 207 Old Street London EC1V 9NR, United Kingdom.

Please visit our company web page: https://www.sgveteris.com/

Koinal® is a registered trademark of SG Veteris Limited.

Please see our article on Koinal product: What is Koinal?

For any further questions, you can reach us via the chat window on the platform or by emailing support@koinal.io.


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      Flexibility and Speed in the fast paced crypto world with Koinal ➛  Koinal® is a registered trademark of SG Veteris Limited.  ➛  It is an online platform that enables all Koinal users to purchase cryptocurrencies and making their payments with ...
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      Koinal.io's privacy policy and terms & conditions can be reached here. EXT-PRD010-V001-TK