How can I update my personal details on screen?

How can I update my personal details on screen?

You can change your personal information in the "my info" section as below:

1. Click on the arrow on the right top and next to your profile picture.

2. Choose the "Account Settings" option in the pop-up window to reach the "My Info" window.

Please be kindly informed that your registered email address may not be updated. Similarly, if the update request for any other customer information is submitted after the identity verification, the self-update function on the screen is not allowed in the system due to security procedures. In this case, please, request your personal information change via with the information and the corresponding documents as below:

- your existing and to be updated information (You can reach your existing information on the "My info" tab after login into your user account.)

- your user account email address (please send your email from your registered email address)

- new version of your verification document (ID, address, selfie, phone bill... etc.)  

- a brief reason for this update would help us, too.

Requested Update      

Corresponding Document

Name change

Court decision letter current ID card

Company Name change

Registry details with both old & new company names

Phone Number change

Invoice of new number with your name & address

Address change

Address verification document (e.g. card statement,  utility bill within last 3 months) 

First, your updated documents will be verified.

Then your request for the update will be processed in the system.


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