How to activate Two factor authentication?

How to activate Two factor authentication?

Please activate 2FA verification to improve your account security.

You should visit the two-factor authentication window on your Koinal account prior to the activation.

1. Click on the arrow on the right top and next to your profile picture.

2. Choose the "Account Settings" option in the pop-up window to reach the two-factor authentication window.

3. Use the  "Google Authenticator" mobile app for 2FA Verification. You may download the application from App Store/Google Play on your mobile phone or you may install it on your desktop. Once you install it on your mobile or on your desktop, it will guide you on what to do next.

4. You may scan the QR code from the Koinal 2FA screen to Google Authenticator or simply enter the code that is given to you on the authentication window.


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