Is my information safe in Koinal?

Is my information safe in Koinal?

You may be asked to provide personal information or documents anytime you are in contact with any Koinal Services. The primary purpose of collecting customer information is to provide a compliant, secure, and customized service experience.

We as Koinal hereby, assure our users that, we will not give, sell, rent, or loan any personal information to any third party.

You may reach further details on security measures via How safe is Koinal, and further details on our Privacy Policy in Terms and Conditions.


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    • What type of documents are requested?

      You will be requested to submit proof of identity, a selfie holding up your ID, and a proof of address for verification on system.       ➛All photos & documents must be clear and legible.       ➛ Acceptable file formats are PDF, JPG, JPEG, ...
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    • Where can I get more information on your privacy policy and terms & conditions?'s privacy policy and terms & conditions can be reached here. EXT-PRD010-V001-TK