How can I open a user account in Koinal?

How can I open a user account in Koinal?

It is simple and easy! You can open your account in 3 simple steps;

Email verification

     ➛ Go to and choose "sign up" on the top right corner

     ➛ Enter your email, create your password, check CAPTCHA and Terms & Conditions, then click “Register”

     ➛ check your inbox for verification email; click the "activate" button in that email to complete your account activation.  

Personal information

    ➛ Go to the "My Info" section - you can find it when you click the “user” icon on the top right corner;

    ➛ Fill the form completely and correctly

    ➛ For more information, read How can I complete the "My Info" Section?


    Upload documents requested for verification. 

    For more information, read What type of documents are requested?

Congratulations! You have completed all the steps with success. Now you can start purchasing safely. 


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