What are the transaction limits for purchase orders?

What are the transaction limits for purchase orders?

The base limit per order transaction is 50 USD. Only for ETH investments, the minimum order amount is set as 100 USD. 

You can check the other limits in the table below;

Maximum transaction limits for purchase orders by payment type

Use “Credit / Debit cards”

Use “My Balance”

Single Order

25,000 USD

50,000 USD

Daily total

Rolling last 24 hours cumulative

50,000 USD

100,000 USD

Monthly total

Rolling last 31 days cumulative

75,000 USD

150,000 USD

You can easily check the cumulative amount of your previous purchases on the "transactions" tab of your Koinal user account.

For your inquiries related to transaction limits,  please reach out to us via support@koinal.io.


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