What can I do to assure security of my account/transactions?

What can I do to assure security of my account/transactions?

Koinal has ongoing monitoring & check mechanisms intact to minimize the fraud cases. The smart controls are not only based on multiple level verification processes on documents, email addresses & fingerprints but also on transactional behaviors.

For effective prevention, the cooperation of our users is essential;

Keep all personal account credentials & card information and any of these types of personal information secured. Do not share such information with unauthorized parties, even if they claim otherwise. Koinal services are 100 % online and designed to be conducted only by the USER himself. Do not let anyone, in any circumstances to act on behalf of you. Further, Koinal staff never calls you/ contacts you and asks for any of this information, other than within the transaction flow and by email notifications in Koinal system. To increase the security of your transactions, we highly recommend the use of the 2FA authentication tool where available.

In Koinal all payment transactions are processed via 3D secure. 3D Secure is a protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions.

The wallet address is the coin public key where coins purchased are delivered. For each wallet address, there must be one private and one public key. Only with knowledge of both keys, you will be able to sell/withdraw the coins from the wallet and then transfer it to the bank account.

Get your wallet address from a secure and full-service cryptocurrency exchange portal by yourself. Do not share access information under any circumstances with someone else.

Users are encouraged to contact support@koinal.io in any suspicious situation and ensure the security of their information and transactions.


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