What type of documents are requested?

What type of documents are requested?

You will be requested to submit proof of identity, a selfie holding up your ID, and a proof of address for verification on Koinal.io system. 

     ➛All photos & documents must be clear and legible. 

     ➛ Acceptable file formats are PDF, JPG, JPEG, or PNG. 

     ➛ The size of each document shall not exceed 5MB.

Below, you may find further guidance on verification documents; 

Identity documents

     ➛ Submitting a universal ID may ease your verification process, i.e. Driver’s license, National ID, or International Passport.  

     ➛ The document must contain;

         🗸 Your photo;

         🗸 Your full name; 

         🗸 Date of birth;

         🗸 Expiry date,

         🗸 Document number 

Selfie with ID

You must take a new selfie of yourself holding up your ID document and the photo should be in colour.

     ➛ Your full face must be entirely visible from the front.

     ➛ Remove all accessories such as glasses while taking your selfie.

     ➛ All details and all four corners of the ID document must be seen clearly.

     ➛ Photo should be well lit and focused.

     ➛ Photo of a computer screen or an existing photo is not suitable.

Proof of Address

     ➛ Submitting a valid address document as requested may ease your verification process, i.e.  Utility Bill, Bank Statement, or Electricity Bill.

     ➛ The document must contain your full name, detailed address information, and document date.

     ➛ The document should be issued within 3 months of the current date.

You can always contact support@koinal.io  directly for further guidance.




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