Why I have been charged with a higher USD amount than the confirmed amount?

Why I have been charged with a higher USD amount than the confirmed amount?

Please be informed that you have been charged in the same USD amount as confirmed while the creation of your purchase order. The difference may be caused due to cash advance fee or exchange  fee applied by banks as stated in our terms & conditions as below: 


4.11 Cash advance fee In January 2018, Visa and MasterCard decided to consider all cryptocurrency transactions as quasi-cash transactions. Your bank or card issuer may add a fee for making what they decide is a cash transaction. Though the amount may vary, it has been reported up to 5%. 


4.12 Exchange rate fee A more commonly known fee, but also important, is the exchange rate fee. That is the fee your bank charges for converting your card currency into USD. 

Koinal.io has no control over the exchange rate imposed by your card issuer when converting the amount to your base currency. Please check this with your bank.


For further details please check terms & conditions.

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